Soul Purpose

All in all, I am not sure if you have noticed I have not written a post in a while, so I want to apologize. Even though I explain who I am in my first and second post, there are many things you do not know about me.

I have ridden the float of shame for a while, feeling the empty space I once felt before, wanting to run away from it all. Realizing in my child’s eyes that he is worth fighting for. I stay steady to make sure that I smile just for him. Though it seems hard to at times, I have made a few new friends at my job who give me advice. They realize who I am without a word. I guess my body gestures speak louder than my words. They help me in any way they can and speak to me about their past as well to relate. There is a metaphor behind every story they tell and somehow they understand who I am.

They allow me to remind myself that my future is what I make it and that as a women I should keep my head up high as I have been, even if it hurts. Life has a funny way to express itself sometimes, we just have to figure out when and where to go to climb the obstacles that come our way. Everything is possible if you believe and allow yourself to push forward. Staying in the same spot may seem comfortable, but how will you know what a spontaneous and a true happy life feels like if you are fine with comfortable.

Assuming you have read up to here, you are beautiful in your own way and even though you have come this far, don’t let anything stop you from continuing your journey to a better, happy life. Why stop now when you have come this far!?

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