Kenra Professional Grip Trio Review

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I had the chance to review some spectacular hair products called “Kenra Professional”  and I am ecstatic about how great the products work. Kenra Professional is a dedicated brand that serves todays stylist with a variety of high-performance products that address every clients needs.  They own the brands: Kenra, Kenra Platinum and Kenra Color. One of the variety of products Ithat  will be talking about on this post is the “Kenra Professional – Grip Trio Collection” which you can find in the Kenra Brand on their website at

About the Company

Kenra was founded in 1929 in Indianapolis and purchased in 1959 by barber and entreprenuer Henry J Meyers. In 2004 the Kenra Platinum was launched and in 2012 the Kenra Color was launched. Till this day the Kenra Professional company continues to grow and continues to expand throughout the world. It was nominated 20x in the Stylish Choice Awards of 2017.

Kenra Professional Grip Trio helped me achieve this look.

I got this lavishing look using the New Kenra Professional Grip Trio Collection (You can check out the produts I used below). I have tried just about every hairspray you can think of, and honestly, either it made my hair extra crisy or it would weigh down my hair. I have never ran into a product that gives you so much hold on your hair with just a little bit of product and I have to say that I am super excited that I was introduced to this brand.

The Kenra Professional Grip Trio Collection and Use:

IMG_0858 (3)

  • Whip Grip Mousse 9 (8 oz.)

The Whip Grip Mousse 9 provides 3x the maximum volume wihout stiffness (a light hold) in an airy whipped formula with a matte finish.

IMG_0859 (2)

  • Air Grip Spray 5 (5 oz.)

The Air Grip Spray 5 provides a ultra-lightweight formula with 50% more grip. It provides definition with a all over volume that provides a flexible hold and a matte finish.

IMG_0857 (2)

  • High Grips Spray 20 (8 oz.)

The High Grip Spray 20 providesa 24 hour hold with an ultra-lightweight formula that delivers a superior definition with a high hold and a matte finish.

How To – Create the Perfect Curls:

To begin I used the Whip Grip Mousse on myhair while damp after wahing it and I applied it evenly all over my hair.

I allowed it to dry and created beautiful curls using my Conair Infiniti YOU Curl curling wand that I bought from Avon (unfortunately this product has discontinued, but you can purchase a curling wand at Ulta Beauty, along with your Kenra Professional hair products that are now available for purchase at Ulta as well).

To finish off the look and to keep my curls from falling, I applied the High Grip Spray to keep them in place. I must honestly say that this is my new favorite hair spray! This hairspray is light enough for your hair to stay in place, but it does not make your hair hard and crispy like other hair sprays (Plus the 24 hour hold is no joke).

Last but not least, I applied the Air Grip Spray for definition and a flexible hold to keep the look defined and with enough volume.

The Kenra Professional Grip Trio collection is my new go to and it smells amazing! It lasted all day and all night, perfect for any event! You can purchase these products at Ulta or you can visit their website and get a glimpse of all of their great products at:, including all the other brands I have mentioned above. You can create Bold, Daring and Unique hair styles, leaving you that professional (I went to a hair salon) look that lasts all day.

Have you tried any Kenra Professional products? If so, what were your thoughts?

XoXo – Nena Stylez

P.S. Until my next time Beauts! 🙂


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