How to Find the Right Foundation

There are 4 types of Foundation.

  • Liquid
  • Cream
  • Stick
  • Powder

Liquid Foundation –

Liquid foundation

Liquid Foundation usually suits all skin types since it’s common for purchase in the market. There is liquid foundation for Dry, Normal, Oily and Combination skin and they come in different types of finishes like Satin, Matte, Dewy, etc.

Cream Foundation –

Cream Foundation

Cream foundation is like liquid foundation, but it’s in a much thicker texture. It usually comes in a compact jar and sometimes you can get it in a pump. A majority of people with Normal to Dry skin  prefer cream foundation because it’s a lot more hydrating and because it’s thicker and denser. Also the coverage can be higher, as well as the moisturizing properties in the actual foundation.

Stick Foundation –

Stick Foundation

Stick foundation is usually found in high-end, professional makeup lines like Makeup Forever, MAC, Tarte, etc. With a stick foundation you normally have to warm up the product on your hand for it to blend better. It’s great for people with oily skin because your skin is quite moisturized or oily to begin with, so the stick foundation will actually melt very nicely onto your skin.

If you are applying stick foundation on dry skin, it will show the dry flakey patches and make them more obvious, unless it’s a really well done stick foundation. A PRO to stick foundations is that they are sweat and heat-resistant.

Powder Foundation –

Powder Foundation

Powder foundation is probably the oily skins best friend. It’s powder so it’s a lot more mattefying. However, they do have moisturizing powders to set the foundation that you already have on.

If you have extremely dry skin, using powder can accentuate the lines or patches of the dry skin, so I don’t recommend it.

Skin Tones (Base Color)

The best way to determine what type of skin tone you have, which might sound weird, but put on either all black or all white clothing (I recommend all white) with your hair pulled back. Do not put any makeup on and stand in front of your window, and with the natural light from the sun, study your face and skin in the mirror.

Once you have determined what skin base you have, For example: You have a pink base, it does not mean your only going to go for pink skin based toned foundations. Think of it like this, if you are already pink toned, why would you want to make yourself more pink toned?. So you would try to go for a more neutral or yellow base tones foundation. When applying, the foundation may appear 1-2 shades lighter, however 20 to 30 minutes after applying, after the foundation has had contact with the oils of your skin and the hormones, the tone changes to match your skin better.

The quickest way to find your match for your foundation based on your skin base is to check the color under sunlight. If you’re in a department store or a bathroom, they usually use neon lights, which has a blue-ish or purple-ish under tones. Here is a great example if you go to a restaurant or a café, they have dimmed lighting, which has yellow or orange undertones. Once you come out of that lighting you’ll look completely different. So I’d suggest while at the department store, try on the foundation and see how it works for you. Wait about 2-3 hours because sometimes by mid-day you’ll notice your foundation is 3 shades darker than you had imagined, so you know the color is incorrect.


-What to avoid when using foundation

#1. Always try to blend the foundation towards your neck, otherwise if you stop at the jaw line, you will just have that harsh line.

Applying foundation do and dont

#2. Some of you girls want to look tanner in the summer and so you get foundation that is 5 shades darker than you are and some girls like to look paler, so they get the lightest foundation found on the market that is about 6 shades lighter. – try to avoid going 5-6 shades darker or lighter because it’s obvious and you’re not creating the effect that you want.

#3 Never cake on makeup (Don’t over use it, which is what caking means). Foundation is designed to be applied 1-2 layers maximum. It’s not “use the whole bottle to cover up whatever you are trying to cover”. You can definitely tell when you cake on foundation because it starts to crack and you don’t want it to crack while you’re at dinner!

Cakey Foundation

#4 DO NOT sleep with your foundation! Foundation is like a mask that you wear during the day for so many hours. If you sleep with it, it will clog your pores and will cause you to break out.

Sleeping with foundation

#5 Don’t use expired foundation. A lot of the times when foundation has expired or its exposed to sunlight or you left it in the car, forgot all about it, and you decide to use it again after 3 years – Don’t do that. The reason being is because when foundation goes off and you apply it to your skin it can cause you problems.


-How do you know if your foundation expired?

Usually it’s on there, otherwise the packaging would show a bottle or a compact jar and it would say, for example the #12, which means 12 months. From the day that you either open or use the foundation, is the day that you want to start the countdown for those 12 months, 6 months, whichever the expiration number is.

Usually cosmetics have a shelf life of 3 years and once they are opened they generally last, at most 3 years, so 6 years all together. Now that’s really stretching it! A lot of liquid foundations, especially the ones that make contact on your skin on a daily basis usually are 6-12 months and that’s a majority of all cosmetic products, so anything more than 12 months is really pushing it.

Well that’s all I have for this post and I hope that I was able to help some of you with some of your foundation questions and hope that you enjoyed reading it. I also have a “How To: Contour” that you can read by clicking here

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XoXo – Nena Stylez



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