Unboxing my Daisy Voxbox 

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary in return for my honest opinion and review.

So ladies, I am super excited to have received my first Voxbox from Influenster! I have unboxed this baby and I want to share with you what I received, but first I will share with you some pointers as to “how I got my first Voxbox” because I know many of you are wondering how to get yours as well!

In one of my previous post, I explain what Influenster is all about (If you haven’t read about Influenster, be sure to check out the post here).

What does being an Influencer mean? An Influencer is someone who is an individual whose effect on a decision is in some way significant or authoritative.

I kept up with all my followers and gained a whopping 1302 Impact Score. The higher the number, the better chances you have in receiving a Voxbox for yourself.

A Snapshot of my Impact Score

Every time I bought a new product I would try out the product as soon as I could. Once I had my opinion, I shared a review on Influenster to raise my chances of receiving a Voxbox. Being that you’re an Influencer, writing as much reviews as you can show how engaged you are with the platform, and this will tell them “hey, when I receive a Voxbox I’ll be sure to write reviews for you!”.  I also added a picture to show everyone what the product looks like in person or the fact that I was enjoying it. Another thing I did, because as an Influenster you wouldn’t be an influencer if you are not sharing information with others, is make lists. Pretty much for lists what I did was, for example: Everyone is always looking for looks for a girls night out. I created a list called “Girls Night Out” and in this list I shared some of the products I would use to create a dashing look along with reasons as to why I chose the product. Creating lists shows how engaged you are as an Influencer and that you are willing to share information with others. Social Media is a major deal when it comes to sharing information. As I mentioned in the beginning about my score, how I got to this level? I’ll share my secret! The more followers you have on social media accounts, the higher your score gets ;]. So those are some of the things I did to receive my first Voxbox, hope it helps. And if you have not signed up yet be sure you do to receive some of the perks like the ones I will be demonstrating below. Click on the link: http://www.influenster.com/r/2902211 – to join!

On to the Voxbox! I received my first Voxbox and for this campaign it was called the  “Daisy VoxBox”. I like the idea of the Daisy Voxbox since spring is here. It gives you that feel of flowers, great weather, being able to go outside more often to do more things that you wouldn’t do in the winter. The first thing you see when you receive the box is how cute the packaging is. It’s bright and has a mini instruction on it. The words are bold and big. Everything you would find on a package that screams excitement at you!

When I opened the box I was like a child who just opened their first Christmas present, excited and ready to use and play with everything! You receive a card that states the name of the campaign – in this case “Daisy Voxbox” and it gives you a list of the products you have received like an invoice, except it’s FREE!

It’s so wonderful! Healthy and clean in a box is what I call this!

The first product I looked at of course, because I have been having major problems with my hair (I dyed it from Black to Blonde and had to cut it – Hint: Big no no. don’t do it!!), with its sweet coconut smell and cute bottle packaging, Live Clean Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner. It smells so amazing! Usually when I buy a shampoo or conditioner that has that coconut smell in it, you can smell all the other added chemicals, along with how sticky it feels. When I am shopping for a shampoo or conditioner I don’t stop to check the added ingredients because usually I get opinions from everyone else and just try it for myself. I have yet to try this product and thought of it as a great way to render my own opinion. Truly, I must say, I am one happy customer. During the night I went to shower and just had to try it out right away. The Live Clean – Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner hydrates and restores moisture balance so it’s especially great for dry hair. It’s 97% plant derived with certified organic botanicals -SLS free -Petroleum free -paraben free -DEA free -Silicone free -Phthalate free -Phosphate free -Pure vegan (never tested on animals, package recyclable & contains biodegradable ingredients).


The shampoo felt so lightweight, and my hair is naturally curly, so it’s a big deal for me to find something that will help me tame this crazy hair of mine. It lathered up so well and left my hair feeling and smelling really great. Once my hair was dry, it did not weigh it down, my curls were appearing again (With damaged bleached hair, it’s like your hair is a brillo pad) and moist importantly it did not feel dry as usual at all!

Secondly, I received a “Yes To – Tomatoes” Mask. It is a charcoal paper mask that detoxifies and cleans pores. A great deep cleaning! and it has 96% Natural Ingredients. Something very important to me are what’s in the product, mainly because I break out. But this mask was so satisfying on my face. If it tingles just a little it’s working. When removing the mask from my face it felt smooth and looked very clean. Definitely a must have in your beauty routine.


The next product in the box was the “Always” Infinity with Flex Foam pad. It absorbs 10x its weight. It forms to your body for a fit you barely feel. I have to tell you though, mother nature said like a day before I have to go on vacation now, so I didn’t necessarily get to try it in that way, and I am sorry if that is a lot of information, but ladies come on, we all get it. Any who I test it out with food coloring and water and it seemed to hold pretty well based on what I was seeing for myself. Other reviews that I have seen state it’s not really so great for ladies who have Heavy periods, but it has worked great for regular periods.

A Cute purse for cute packaging!

The fourth product I received is called the “Nature’s Bounty” Probiotic Gummies. Friendly bacteria for the digestive system. (Digestive Health). It contains Vitamin D to support a healthy immune system. It’s made with natural ingredients and natural flavors. Guaranteed quality and laboratory tested. -No GMO -No artificial flavor -No artificial sweetener -No preservatives -No milk -No lactose -No soy -No gluten -No wheat -No yeast -No fish. They taste great too. Usually these things are powdery and you can taste all the extra stuff they put in it, but not this one. It taste just like candy. Yumm!

My son thought it was candy btw, ha ha ha. Thank God for the kid safe cap!

One of my favorite products in this VoxBox is the “Skinny Pop” Popcorn. -Non GMO -Gluten free -Dairy free -Peanut free -Tree Nut free -Preservative free -Zero Trans Fat -No Diacytl -No PFDA’s -No Artificial Flavors. It’s only 27 calories per cup and is made with Sea Salt. It’s not your regular old bag of popcorn, but pops up in a box! Certified Vegan and Delish! (Don’t try licking the Sea Salt at the bottom like you normally would a popcorn bag lol. I tried it and there is a lot of sour down there!).

Last, but not least, I received coupons. Everyone loves coupons! (Dont lie :D).


One was for my last product “One Dannon Light and Fit single serve product”. I took advantage of this coupon and got me a Dannon Light and Fit Strawberry Cheesecake Greek Crunch. (Yummy) This will be added to my diet because it taste so delish on your taste buds! and secondly I received a coupon for the Nature’s Bounty Probiotic Gummies for $3.00 off. Pretty sweet!

Based on everything I have received, I really love being an Influencer. I got to try out things that normally I wouldn’t buy myself. I am very satisfied with all the products and some of them are things that I may continue to buy. That being said, don’t forget to click here to become an Influencer like myself and have the opportunity to try something great. FYI, they hand out great products, so if you want to just check out the website you can do that too. You won’t regret it! So thank you for taking the time to read this post, I hope you liked it and until next time dolls.

XoXo – Nena Stylez


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  1. […] Not only do I get to see reviews from others, but I also get to participate in challenges using my own social media applications. It’s not your typical boring, old form. It’s like you entered into a world of fun activities. You get colors, you get polls, you get funny and fun things to do once you receive the products, and Everything I do is on the phone or on my laptop (However you seem comfortable)! I can do it on the go or at home in my PJ’s, which I seem to find as the best thing in the world! So with that being said, I sit at home and get free stuff just for sharing my opinion, FOR FREE! I know I have said that a lot, but I cannot stress the fact that it is FREE. Many people think of it as a hoax, which I thought for myself for quite some time, until I received a package of my own – Which you can read about here. […]


    • I love couponing myself. Influenster has been great on that as far as I could see and now they have the posts for discounts and coupons on their platform. Loving it more and more everyday!


    • Well I am glad that I was able to help you. I was a little confused as to what to do when I first started too. Thought I would help others out because I was constantly seeing the question on how to get one.


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