How to Get Your First VoxBox

Being an influencer on in Influenter may seem like a lot of work, but if you love sharing your thoughts or the latest and newest discoveries, than no worries. Doing what you love most gives you that ability to inspire others and all you need to do is be yourself.

Many wonder why they have not received a VoxBox. For the many, who do not know what a VoxBox is, be sure to click here to learn all about the Influenster platform. I have joined forces with Influenster to get free products – Influenster is a company  that sends out products, for people like me and you, to test out and provide an honest opinion and review in return. These products get sent to you at no cost and it’s free to join to become and Influencer.

Your Impact Score

I kept up with all my followers and gained a whopping 1302 Impact Score. The higher the number, the better chances you have in receiving a Voxbox for yourself. Your impact score is basically how many followers you have on social media, so be sure to be active at all times, or when you can, to keep those points going up.


Product Reviews

Every time I bought a new product I would try out the product as soon as I could. Once I had my opinion, I shared a review on Influenster to raise my chances of receiving a Voxbox. Being that you’re an Influencer, writing as much reviews as you can show how engaged you are with the platform, and this will tell them “hey, when I receive a Voxbox I’ll be sure to write reviews for you!”.  I also added a picture to show everyone what the product looks like in person or the fact that I was enjoying it.

An example of one of my reviews




Another thing I did, because as an Influenster you wouldn’t be an influencer if you are not sharing information with others, is make lists. Pretty much for lists what I did was, for example: Everyone is always looking for looks for a girls night out. I created a list called “Girls Night Out” and in this list I shared some of the products I would use to create a dashing look along with reasons as to why I chose the product. Creating lists shows how engaged you are as an Influencer and that you are willing to share information with others.

Some of the Lists I have created



Unlocking Badges

Unlocking badges is another way to get towards a VoxBox. Badges are the prize that you receive, besides free products, for completing tasks and contests.


Some of my well earned badges



Social Media (FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

Social Media is a major deal when it comes to sharing information. As I mentioned in the beginning about my score, how I got to this level? I’ll share my secret! The more followers you have on social media accounts, the higher your score gets ;].

Impact Score
My Impact on Social Media Platforms



Question and Answer

I know it seems as though it’s a lot of work, but I promise you it’s not. If you know about a product answer some of the questions others have about it, like your giving advice. If you don’t know about a product, then ask a question as if your at a department store. Think of it like your shopping. You wouldn’t buy a product if you don’t read or know anything about it, right?

Some of the Questions and Answers I have done.




Share your referral link with everyone. Don’t be stingy! The more your share your link the more points you earn!

You can find this link in your Social Impact tab, under Invite Friends



So those are some of the things I did to receive my first Voxbox.I hope this helps many of you. If you have not signed up yet, be sure that you do to receive some of the perks like the ones I will be demonstrating in my first VoxBox. Click here to join! Be sure to comment below and subscribe for more tips and tricks.

XoXo – Nena Styles


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