Blogging – Oh The Work!

I know that many of you, just like me, have been wondering many things when it comes to blogging. And lately it’s like either you give up or you lose your interest or may be even find it hard to design your website. All this language you don’t understand gets hard to define sometimes and sometimes even frustrating. (SEO, HTML, etc., etc. What is that??!!). Mind boggled by this, clearly I was, and still I am sometimes one of those people. Surely believe though that I love to write about things that inspire me and that thrives me to do what I like. Writing and fashion and makeup and inspiring others, this list goes on! On this journey of wonder (like Alice in Wonderland) I fall upon this website. What a surprise to see that this wonderful website has some interesting things about Designing Your Own Blog!


Roaming through Facebook I found a page called “DYOB” (Design Your Own (Lovely) Blog). Interesting to say though because I remember that a few years back I created a website just like this one (Beauty Blurbs & Babbles) and was having a hard time figuring out what was what, so I dropped it and said I was done. Upon reading this lovely page, that had just about everything, from designing your own blog to traffic and subscribers and all things pretty, I was intrigued to click on a link called “Make Your Blog Glow – Blog Beautiful”. And of course it’s a private group to join, so I signed up. No questions asked.

Can you believe that I opened a world that I have yet to step into!!! – So I wanted to share my experience with you all.

In amazement as I opened my confirmation for joining, I clicked the link and….Again you guys FREEBIES are my thing. (Btw, It’s totally free to join this page). So, I went about my business and started being nosey, like a child if you might say, and clicked on everything! lol. FREE Library Access to this page for everything you need to know about making your page really pretty! – This website was created & designed by a Web Designer!! Her name is Marianne. She is a web designer, blogger + mom who helps creative female solopreneurs DIY beautiful blogs that match their unique work and personalities through supportive, friendly feedback + helpful step-by-step tutorials + guides. (Refer to So it’s just inspiring to know that she is a mom who never gave up on her dream. She inspired me to continue and look forward to reading what she has in store for all of us Bloggers and mothers out there who are looking for that inspiration to continue. Now where else are you going to find everything all in one place?? (Didn’t think so…).how-to-build-subscriber-list

She has different things on her page from blog design to cool tools and resources you can refer to. (Tutorials, Trends, Guides & Advice). And straight from her page I quote:

“My mission is to show women like you that things like CSS and design are not scary things and that you can build the business of your dreams with a blog to match your aspirations. I show you how to do this by sharing free and premium educational resources, feedback, advice and inspiration.

Look, I’m a wife and a full time working mom to a toddler with a side hustle. Work/life balance? Ha! Does that even exist??

I believe so. I’m here to help you break free from the stress of being a working mom or end the monotony of being a stay at home mom with nothing to call her own. I want every mom out there to not only feel like she has the time to be a great mother, but the ability to create something fulfilling and share it with the world… and hopefully make a little money too.”free-feminine-styled-stock-photography

That is inspiring!! So behold the realm of Gold…Visit and sign up today at:

I highly recommend this website to everyone out there and I really hope that I was able to share some good news for you to continue doing what you love best. And remember…Never Give Up!!

Be sure to comment on your thoughts about this post below and let me know what you think. Subscribe for other great inspiring posts just like this one and be sure to like. Hope you enjoyed!!

XoXo – Nena Stylez

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