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I know many of you have heard of Subscription boxes and it’s nothing new to you, but of course to me it’s actually been a trend for me for the last few months.

A subscription box is a box that a company would send to your home full of goodies like makeup, clothing, skin care, shampoo, gadgets, etc. One of the subscription boxes that caught my attention is called the “Beauty Box 5” or BB5 for short. Primarily it’s a box full of goodies that you subscribe to and every month a box is delivered to your home with a mix full of pretty mini’s and fab full-sizes of beauty products.

And if your anything like me and love to know what’s new or like to try new things or your just a makeupaddict like me (sorry had to take a deep breath, that was a lot), this may be something that you may want to subscribe to. I don’t know about you, but I love to get things at a steep discount, I’m cheap, lol

BB5 will send you 5 beauty obsessions every month for only: $12/mofor products worth $35+. And I’ll say that is not bad at all! Beauty must-haves delivered to your door every month – Subscriptions under $12. Get the Box!. Oh, and I forgot to mention FREE shipping for US Subscriptions and $3 to Canada. Now that’s a deal I can deal with!

BB5 scours the market to find the best products so their subscribers receive a mixture of luxury, recognizable, niche and even vegan brands that cater to every skin type. Every box includes a selection of makeup, hair care, skin care, nail care, fragrances and beauty accessories. You can even go online once you subscribe to purchase fun beauty bundles and they even have a robust Sale section: Shop the Beauty Box 5 Sale Section. (You guys, I just have to say I love sales!). You can even Select your own 3 free samples with your Beauty Box 5 Shop purchase after subscription. Like I’ve mentioned before, Who doesn’t like FREEBIES?!

Subscribe to Get a Free Glitterati Eyeliner with Beauty Box 5 Subscription purchase

If your ready to sign up click on the link: Sign up for Beauty Box 5!  If you need some time to do your own research –> Click on the Banner below:

Get Free Shipping on orders of $50 or more at

I find this subscription box to be amazing because 1. I always love a deal. 2. it’s ONLY $12/mo. So if you can save up $2.50 a day, you can make it happen. (Yeah I do some math, even though me and math don’t get along). and 3. I LOVE the color Turquoise, It’s my favorite color.

Well that sums up this post of the day. I hope you enjoyed learning about Beauty Box 5 or also known as BB5. Like or Comment below with any questions. Be sure to Subscribe to my blog for more great information and Thank You for taking the time to read this post.

XoXo – Nena Stylez 


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