Mario Badescu Review

Hello everyone and welcome back to Beauty Blurbs & Babbles. Today I am getting back with everyone in regards to the samples that I received by Mario Badescu. And I am here to explain my experience with this amazing product.

This picture is pretty much me before I started the samples and as you can see my face is not clean and I do have acne (everyone’s not perfect). So as I mentioned before, this regimen is meant for the purpose of my Acne and the purpose of my skin. I have “Combination” skin and it’s really hard trying to find something that fits my type of skin. Combination skin is a combined skin of dry, oily & normal all at once.


See the thing is that when I was younger and hit puberty I didn’t get pimples or acne at all so it kind of sucked at the age of 21 to start that process. It was annoying and still is to see my face this way because it’s not something that I am use to. But without a doubt you have to be true to yourself and love yourself, because who will.

Any who, I got the samples and I was super excited. I was actually supposed to start in the morning, but I got ahead of my self and settled to do it at 8:00 at night. The first step it advised me was a morning routine, But because “I’m cool like that” lol, no I decided I wanted to try the whole morning routine because the evening routine skips a few steps.

The first thing it advised me to do was to wet my skin and gently massage my face with the Enzyme Cleansing Gel. The Enzyme cleansing Gel, because I did not know what it would do (did my research), is basically a face wash, exfoliating, AHA-enhanced formula that Deep Cleans & Removes excess shine. Honestly speaking, I didn’t feel like I was cleaning my face. Until you go to pat dry once your done. There is a major difference. My face was super clean. (and if I had an emoji keyboard on this computer, there would be a surprised face here).


Secondly,  I had to moisten a cotton with Special Cleansing Lotion C and rub in an outward direction all over my face *avoiding the eye area) until the cotton comes up clean. The Special Cleansing Lotion C is a Powerful, Clarifying astringent formulated with Sulfur that addresses the breakouts & control shine. When I got to this step (and It doesn’t smell pretty), I applied as advised. I thought “ok”, so this is supposed to help me with my acne, YEESSS!!!, hopefully it works.

Third, I had to take the Ceramide Eye Gel and gently dab a small amount around the corners  and underneath my eye. The Ceramide Eye Gel is a lightweight oil-free gel that de-puffs & re-hydrates tired eyes. i noticed that when I was done the puffiness under my eye went down a little. So that was a plus!!

Fourth, was to apply Collagen Moisturizer (SPF 15) to my face and neck avoiding the eye area and massage it into my skin. I did just that. Let me tell you, a little goes a long way. That’s not all! It left my skin soooo soft!. OMG I love it! The Collagen Moisturizer is a popular anti-aging moisturizer that is lightweight that has an antioxidant-rich formula that helps plump, smooth & firm the skin.

The picture below was the next day, but i applied this mask  because I wanted to get the full affects of the products.

Don’t mind my hair and scary looking face ha ha ha.

During the evening I am supposed to apply, after cleansing (which is everything I mentioned above), I am to apply the Drying Mask. The Drying Mask is a powerful, clarifying mask that targets breakouts & congested areas to eliminate pore-clogging oil. It does stink I’m not going to sugar coat anything. But the open pores that were on my skin actually closed up a little leaving my face look even smoother – so to say, even though it stinks, it works magic!! I had to leave this on for 20 min before I could rinse it off with tepid water.  (You only have to do the mask 2-3 times a week after cleansing).

Next, I applied the Healing and Soothing Mask and leave that in as well for 20 min. The Healing and Soothing Mask is a gentle, non hardening mask that restores balance to oily, problem skin. It delivers light, soothing Hydration. Applying this to my face was not a really bad smell, but it did not smell good either, but After this step and the other steps above, it left me with a smooth and soft face and my face looked more clear. You could barely see my pores unlike before.


Last but not least, I applied a Drying Cream (apply as necessary) to tiny clusters of oil bumps typically appearing on the forehead and the chin. Mines happens to be on my chin. The Drying Cream is a unique spot treatment sulfur that helps shrink small bumps & pimples. It helps top re-balance troubled areas. (btw, in the morning, I noticed that some of them were even gone and they did shrink). This is another one of my favorite products. With this Drying Cream you do not have to wipe it away. You actually take a small amount and apply it to the target areas and you blend it into your skin and you leave it there. I highly recommend this one a lot. It’ something you do not find in your typical spot targeting formulas and I am so happy that i was able to find this product because I have tried many, and let me tell you!! Gosh it was frustrating, until i found this. LOVE!! LOVE!! LOVE!!

Results are on this last photo and I can see the difference. My skin looks more glowy and the puff around my eyes went down. As you all can see my pores are not as bad as they were in the first picture. The redness in my cheeks are gone, which is awesome. This photo was not corrected and nor edited in any way what so ever.

These products are so amazing. I definitely want to buy the full size products and highly recommend for everyone to try this product in person. I loved it and I am not the only one who has written a real great review about Mario Badescu’s products. It’s a little bit on the expensive side, but it is WORTH the price. I can guarantee that.

If you want to try the samples as well I left the link below and all you have to do is take the “Skin Analysis”. The Samples are FREE and you do not have to pay for shipping.

Well ladies, thanks for reading my Review on the Mario Badescu’s products. I hope that you enjoyed reading this. Any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I will surely get to them. Hope you all have or had a great day!



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