My Samples Came In!!

I’m super excited because I’ve been waiting WEEKS for this to come in. Mario Badescu Skin Care samples.

Don’t mind my weird fingers lol

So yes, I just couldn’t wait and as soon as I got them, like a child…I got comfortable, brought me some coffee because it felt good outside, sat down and just stared at this box for like 2 min. BECAUSE…3 wks is a long time!


It looks so pretty!

So here is a preview of the product that I will be reviewing by Mario Badescu. The reason that I am sooo excited is because I went online looking for hours for a natural skin care regimen. I’m so afraid to apply harsh chemicals like that to my face only because I break out with ugly, disgusting, they are staring at you pimples. Yes, it’s horrible!

When researching I actually found that I could try it before i buy it and so that was the plan. Not sure if it’s something they have going on where they just give out samples, but I took a skin care questionnaire online. The questions pertained to my skin and my face, like Pros & Cons. Then they come up with recommendations for you based on your answers. Mines is “Combination skin”. Which kind of sucks because it’s hard to find something that actually works for me.

Enzyme Cleasinng Gel Sample

Enzyme Cleansing Gel Sample: I don’t quite know what this is going to do for me, don’t laugh, I’m still learning , but….I will find out!! (I’m going on a mission!! Woohoo, I love learning – Once again the dork comes out of me) I’ll go back and do research on the product. Once I have the research and the product information, I will be testing this out. By the way, since I’ve been waiting forveveeer, that will be tonight!!.

Healing & Soothing Mask

Healing & Soothing Mask: It’s a mask…Lol, you guys, I promise I did my research. I’m just really bad at remembering…especially when you have to remember so many things.

Known as “Others” for now.

Ant these are the samples that is supposed to fix me (my face). So anywho, with all that being said I will be logging out and cleaning all this makeup off my face. I will make sure to put a “Before” and “After” picture so you can see my results.

Well that’s all for now Ladies. Be sure to subscribe if you want to see my results and for more new and exclusive products, tips & tricks.

XoXo – Nena


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