Lisa Frank Makeup Announcement

So I know that every girl remembers the name “Lisa Frank”. Yes she was the collection we had when we were in our younger ages (more of the 90’s babies remember) with all the weird but beautiful, loud colors, I need more of the unicorns girl, Lisa Frank!

I cannot believe that she is coming out with a makeup collection. This is amazing! I already love colors and I LOVE Lisa Frank art!. I am super stoked. I had everything. The books, the binders, the erasers and pencils, the coloring books…and I can keep going but that list would roll out all the way to China lol.

So Glamour dolls is launching out with the new Lisa Frank Makeup collection. For anyone who doesn’t know who the Glamour Dolls are,  Glamour Dolls is an affordable, cruelty-free and adorable makeup brand for under $5 whose line is designed by celebrity makeup artist Jessica Romano.

Well hold on to your Gel pens ladies because Lisa Frank makeup is happening!


Although the collab is only in Kickstarter phase—there’s already a unicorn (!) blush brush for presale. And the brand hopes to make a Lip Balm, a Matte Mousse, a Liquid Liner, a Unicorn Lippie, a Highlighter Powder, and a vegan leather makeup bag. OMG what else can us ladies ask for!! Ahhhhh, oh sorry, I got carried away ha ha ha. Well I’m super Excited so here is a quick clip by Kandee Johnson.

Check out all the other great deals – offer ends soon!

Get 10% off for President’s Day at with code PURPRES10!

Best Mystery Beauty Bag Ever! 5 full-sized items plus a bonus item (valued $125 total) for only $25 at While supplies last. Restrictions apply.


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