Yves Rocher – FREE Gift!!

Yves Rocher..ooh,la,la. Valentine’s Day special, a FREE Gift!! I’m so in.

Hello Blurbles, it’s me again bringing you the next latest. So I was being nosy around the web I found this special promotion by Yves Rocher where you can get free shipping on $40 or more & also get to choose a FREE Gift. (my heart is already melting). I’m way too excited. I love Yves Rocher and with that being said, If you do not know Yves Rocher, then let me give you a little insight.

The brand “Yves Rocher” has thousands of products just for you. Skin Care, Makeup, Fragrances, Hair Care, just to name a few. They have been in retail since 1959 founded by a French entrepreneur, whose name of course is…Yves Rocher in La GaCilly. The cosmetics are based on plants & in the democratization of beauty. The company maintains a botanical garden, the Jardin botanique Yves Rocher de La Gacilly, at its industrial site in La Gacilly and is open to the public without charge.

Now that we have a little insight about the company itself lets talk about the products.

  • The first product on the countdown is: “Sexy Pulp” – Yves Rocher


Based on reviews this Mascara does not clump on your lashes and does not make them stiff either. That would be bad for me considering mines are long and  I don’t need to go poking people with my eyelashes lol, jk. It provides the perfect volume with very little product and it washes off very easily with coconut oil and warm water.

  • Second on the list is “MOMENT de BONHEUR” (Moment of Happiness) perfume which is a Limited Edition by Yves Rocher.


It offers a sophisticated floral freshness in a strong and delicate way.Based on the ingredients (Resource: Yves Rocher website) It has a feminine fragrance with a burst of green and fresh head notes that reveal a floral heart of Rose Centifolia, a quality of rose of a hundred petals with a soft, subtle scent. Finally, the woody base with notes of Patchouli and Cedar add a vibrant effect that underscores the elegance of this fragrance. Reviewers are saying it has such a great scent and it last a long time. The aroma of the perfume is sweet, the rose is just right, and the cedar brings a nice richness to it.

  • Third on the countdown is the “Nutrition Almond Nourishing Body Lotion 3 in 1 Dry Skin” by Yves Rocher


Based on Reviews it has a nice almond sent to it. The lotion hydrates your skin that lasts hours and it absorbs very quickly. It is not sticky when applying to the skin, the texture is great and there doesn’t appear to be any perfume added.

  • Last but not least, We have one of the BEST SELLERS “Sublime Skin BB Cream 6 in 1”


Based on the resource: Yves Rocher website it’s  1 step and you get 6 results to perfect skin! BB Cream:
– 24/hr moisturizing
Evens out skin tone
Hides imperfections and signs of fatigue
Smooths skin
Amplifies radiance
Protects against external aggressions*

Reviews on this product state that it moisturizes and helps to even out your skin tone without the heaviness of a foundation. It leaves the skin soft and leaves a nice level of coverage and evens out your skin without looking too made-up or cakey.

Now back to the matter of the subject, where is your FREE gift. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that. Do not get me started talking about makeup & stuff because I rant ha ha ha. Well if you want your FREE Gift be sure to visit the following link and add it to your cart with your purchases.

Choisissez votre cadeau GRATUIT parmi 4 ! Valable jusqu’au 14 Février 2017.

I have to run though, I will see you “blurbles” soon…Or i mean I’ll will get back with you soon with the next latest blurb & babble. Until next time.


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