I was Inspired


Normally I am on the web looking for the best deals on products and checking to see what my next adventure is going to be for a product to review. I stumbled upon Ulta and was watching an Ulta haul video. Laura Lee was her name and she was describing how she went on an Ulta Haul and how she got these awesome products for herself to try. It caught my attention that her quirkiness is a whole lot like mines, well at least once you get to know me lol.  She had me laughing throughout the video and I so decided to follow her on Instagram.

So I go to my Instagram app and it seems as though that I’m already following her. So something tells me to check YouTube, well of course the video I was watching was a YouTube video. Womp, womp, womp lol. Anywho, I get on YouTube on I find her channel. Scrolling through her videos, I see that she is crying in one. By the way it’s called “REACTION TO MY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO”. I clicked on this video because everyone as a youtuber has a first time reaction to their own video as the go back to view throwbacks that they have done in the past.

First thing is first, I did not read the show more section and went straight to watching it. She is talking about how funny she looks and how the lighting and the camera was sooo bad. I didn’t anything wrong with it of course because I don’t make videos lol. But then she started to get into the whole thing about how her life was and how she did not have any friends and how miserable she was at the time. She explained how she got so far and that, that specific video allowed her to open up to the world. She began to cry explaining how it’s turned her into this person that she is today and how much more confidence she has in herself and why she felt more confident. How you have to be true to yourself and how you have so much potential if you just put your mind to it.

She inspired me soooo much and I just felt the need to share this video. I found it inspiring because at times I have felt ways that she had explained and about how someone can do so much even if you don’t have nothing. She went from square one to this person that could sit there and be herself and do something in life that she loves to do. She opened her heart in a way that I have not seen in a while, in ANY videos,  while searching for Beauty tips and ideas.

So I’m sharing this video that in hope someone out there may be just as inspired as I am and as I was watching it.

Quote of the day: “Be true to yourself!”

Credits to: Laura Lee



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