My Story

So I’m this city girl who just so happens to be in FL. Since I was very young I remember wanting to be a Fashion Designer. I had this passion and this thrive to articulate the fact that I loved to draw.

Growing up my parents taught me to care for others and so it was embedded in me to become the woman I am today. This thrive for Love and arts and peace. It grew wild and bold. I always told me myself, one day if I ever become famous to never change who I am as a person. I am not famous yet, lol, but just maybe one day even if it means in the heart of someone else.

This thrive of colors, texture and this passion for Fashion has driven me to look everywhere to start this craving, and believe me when I say I searched.

Growing older, as any other girl would, I figured out makeup. Wow, I could not believe my eyes and what it can do for others. I watched videos of women who went through hard times and it just inspired me with tears of JOY of how happy these women were to feel HAPPY!.

Sharing my feelings to others was hard to do, since growing up I was bullied. But, hey, after all I became stronger and stood positive through it all. Life is tough I tell ya’.

I’ve been drawing since I was two, at least my mother says. But really it has nothing to do with the drawing itself, but the fact that it means something to me. It brought me life and a way to express myself the way it does to others. It was a way to express myself with vibrant and bold colors. Wether it was LOUD or very quiet. Through these doodles and as I perfected my artwork I learned to love everything as it is. We are all unique in every way, in every aspect and every woman and man should know that.

The way you are, how you desire to dress or look. It all is a part of who you are and no one can tell you otherwise but you.

So express yourself through color, through texture, however you’d like.

Capture every moment and live life the way it should be. Takes lots of photos and be be the brightest You.

Be Bold! Be YOU!



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