Who is Influenster?

Colorful, Artistic, Photographer, Unique and Outgoing.


I am an Influencer from influenster and above the picture are a few things about me. The reason I wrote the above statement is because these are just a few attributes that I have that allow me to be the person I am today. Being an Influencer does not have to be difficult you just have to be yourself. For those of you who do not know what an Influencer is – What does being an Influencer mean? An Influencer is someone who is an individual whose effect on a decision is in some way significant or authoritative.

As an Influenster you’ll get to explore the latest products, gain fresh insight, pick up new tips, and share your opinions with others. And it’s FREE to join! It’s not just for people who love makeup, it’s for Beauty, Fashion and Electronic lovers!


Things you get to do and have fun while doing it.


You can earn badges for completing challenges (aka fun activities) and share opinions about products and even get FREE, yes, completely FREE stuff in the mail. You won’t believe the stuff I have seen given away so far. It’s amazing! You make new friends and can even follow others to keep up with what they have been trying too. Maybe you just might find what you were looking for since like yester year.

Have you ever thought to yourself ‘I really want to try this product, but I’m not sure if I want to buy it because what if it’s not worth it’?. Well as an Influenster you have the opportunity to hear what others have to say about it as to why they did or did not like it. It’s not just one review, but many reviews from people everywhere! It’s definitely the shopping companion we all need! I’ve had doubts myself about a product and these reviews have helped me so much in figuring out whether to buy the product or not.


Capture 1
Some of the campaigns I have received so far!


Not only do I get to see reviews from others, but I also get to participate in challenges using my own social media applications. It’s not your typical boring, old form. It’s like you entered into a world of fun activities. You get colors, you get polls, you get funny and fun things to do once you receive the products, and Everything I do is on the phone or on my laptop (However you seem comfortable)! I can do it on the go or at home in my PJ’s, which I seem to find as the best thing in the world! So with that being said, I sit at home and get free stuff just for sharing my opinion, FOR FREE! I know I have said that a lot, but I cannot stress the fact that it is FREE. Many people think of it as a hoax, which I thought for myself for quite some time, until I received a package of my own – Which you can read about here.


An example of a VoxBox and it’s products.


I even got to go to an event because Influenster said “you deserve to be pampered!”. You can also read all about that here to see what I got to do and see. It’s all fun and games! not just a black and white, I am calling customer service and waiting three hours just to receive an answer. (I use to work customer service lol, just saying.)

So, If you like freebies, join Influenster and check out all the latest products and reviews. And don’t forget, GET FREE STUFF TOO! 🙂 Click the Link below to join.




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